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Thank you for visiting our website - CranleighHighStreet.uk are a group of local Cranleigh people. We want a village that is accessible, and which can be enjoyed by all, where local businesses, sports clubs, schools can thrive and prosper, and which is attractive to visitors and residents alike.  

As you may have seen, the petition we started in November has now closed. Thank you so much to the 1108 people who have supported the CranleighHighStreet.UK petition and to the High Street Shops promoting the cause with the posters. This has had the effect of pausing the developments for now and forcing the council to reengage with the village over the plans. 

In March Philip, from the Cranleighhighstreet.uk team, was given the opportunity to present the petition to Surrey County Council and gave a short speech outline the opposition to the plans.

Do have a look through the cranleighhighstreet.uk/updates page for more information about where the process is.

As you may be aware Surrey County Council are proposing major changes to the High Street over the next 18 months. In talking to people and businesses around the Village we have become increasingly concerned about the lack of awareness of these proposals and the impact they may have on Village life. 

Here at CranleighHighStreet.uk we have therefore created this website to enable people to:

  • Understand the proposed changes in more detail.
  • Provide their own personal feedback on these changes by completing our second survey.
  • Understand the potential impact on Cranleigh by looking at what has happened at North Camp where similar changes have been made.
  • Find out about the additional proposals (LCWIP) from Surrey and Waverley to encourage cycling and walking and the impact they will have on the high street and surrounding areas.

Do have a read of our recently published newsletter with updates from our first survey.

Finally - there is a significant budget for the High Street Redevelopment some people have said that by challenging the plan we risk losing this. At CranleighHighStreet.uk we believe that by completing the survey and giving those ideas as a group to Surrey County Council we can influence the outcome positively. 

Updates from the survey...

Crainleigh high street's purpose is to serve local residents and community, please keep it that way

Updates from the survey...

The number one priority must be to reverse the decline of the village retail businesses which has been occurring in recent years. The closure of Manns was a huge blow to the village. One way to achieve this is to provide more parking and, even better, more free parking. If the High Street continues to decline we will be left with a sad ghost town with no heart or soul.

Updates from the survey...

I work in south Croydon and have witnessed a similar scheme take place there last year, which has resulted in major traffic congestion and has subsequently affected local businesses with people unable to park and visits local shops. The idea of that scheme was to increase cycling and walking. That hasn’t happened. People like their cars, the sooner politicians accept that, the more chance will have as a society of coming up with traffic schemes that work in the real world. 

Why signing the petition was important

The proposals so far put forward will materially change the village with further changes about to enter consultation phase.

By supporting the petition you have voiced your concerns at the proposals and helped many of the businesses have a voice. We still want to help create a High Street we are all proud of and that works for the residents, retailers, school users and any other visitors to our village.

Lets take a closer look at the proposals

No more Horseshoe Lane roundabout...

But a new raised table/speed bump


What is happening outside Sainsbury's?

A narrowed high street with much less free parking

But another new raised table/speed bump


Finally the changes at Village Way

At Village Way - we are also losing the roundabout to make a T-junction

Another new raised table/speed bump


What are our concerns with the proposals?

Here are a few of the CranleighHighStreet.uk concerns with the new proposals:

      • The Horseshoe Lane roundabout is a key access road to Cranleigh School and Cranleigh Prep School, there are over 1000 children at those schools, many of whom are being dropped off and collected every day. With no roundabout how will people access that road?
      • The raised tables will create noise and traffic pollution as people have to slow down and then accelerate over the bumps, there is already a 20mph speed limit in the high street
      • The raised tables will mean children find it harder to see the delineation between the roads and the pavement so could cause accidents. There are six schools in Cranleigh.
      • Removal of the crossing point at Rowlands Road
      • Narrowing the High Street will make it very difficult for emergency services vehicles to get through the village. At the moment cars already need to move onto the pavements to let them through. 
      • Blocked off access to Onslow Mews, so no vehicle access to the Cranfold Physio.
      • Shrunken and narrowed bus lay-bys which will cause blockages along the High Street.
      • The Village Way roundabout is vital to give people access to the Village way carpark and all the important amenities that are there - the leisure centre, the band room, access to Snoxhall Park, the Doctors, the Scout Hut, the Parish Council office... 
      • The removal of so much of the free parking will make life harder for the already struggling local businesses. 
      • Narrowing the roads will mean that when there are deliveries the high street could become gridlocked.

We are sure there are many other very valid concerns with the proposals, but one thing to agree on is that these changes will not make Cranleigh an easier and nicer place to visit. This is why having an alternative vision for Cranleigh is so important.